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General Policy

General policy is a policy that applies to all services Menyohost. Several points of common policy can be canceled by the specific policies of a service that will be explained on this page. If you buy the service which does not have a specific policy, it will refer to our general policy.

For example, our general policy prohibits users make resource abuse, but in specific policy for Dedicated hosting mentioned that users can use all the resources in accordance which bought by them. By itself, the prohibition of resource abuse in general policy is not valid for Dedicated Hosting services and will be replaced by the specific policy.
For that please read the general policy and specific policies of the services you buy (if any).

We made this policy intends to protect the comfort and safety of each user along Menyohost.com services. By using the services Menyohost, means every customer to agree on all the rules below.


  • Each user is forbidden to use the services MENYOHOST for any unlawful activities, both Indonesian law and the law of the country the server is located.
  • Activities that may interfere with or damage the Server MENYOHOST not allowed.
  • Content that intentionally violate the law are prohibited from using our services, without exception relating to the infringement of copyright, trademark, SARA, and pornography.
  • Script intended or associated with phishing or fraud would we suspend, either the service or the account has.
  • Mehilangkan, damaging, edit, copy or even entering the data into a system that is not relevant right in MENYOHOST server is an offense and is very detrimental. For that we will take action to suspend the relevant accounts and legal action if necessary.
  • We do not allow users to resell the services that have been purchased MENYOHOST concerned users.
  • MENYOHOST not responsible for any user activity that violates the law or harm the other party. By using our services, user agrees to indemnify the parties concerned MENYOHOST from all claims / liability for any loss incurred by the person concerned.
  • MENYOHOST entitled to unilaterally shut down the services to which the user unilaterally without notice if the user in question violate the rules we made. Users concerned also agree that MENYOHOST reserves the right to not refund it pays if the concerned violate the norm of which made MENYOHOST.
  • MENYOHOST not responsible for and exempt for any loss or damage to data customers. Shared hosting services we have been providing backups include every product it sells, but MENYOHOST will not be liable if data is lost due to an accident which is not intentional. We will try our best to secure your data including doing regular backups.

Script Examples of prohibited use MENYOHOST services:

  • IRC Bots
  • AGC, STT2, WP-robot, grabbing, and related, unless a particular package is allowed.
  • Warez sites
  • Site copyright violators
  • Pirated Software
  • SARA Site
  • Site terrorism
  • Site propaganda that instills hatred or discrimination
  • The script associated with pornography
  • Hacking sites and archives
  • Port scanning
  • Proxy Script
  • Emulator / ROMS
  • Realtime chat application.
  • Sript highly overload the server so as to dominate the server resource usage.
  • Scrip phishing or intended to deceive
  • Script or other sites that could potentially harm or MENYOHOST

Spamming & Hack

  • We have no liability to any party for the actions MENYOHOST users who perform actions such as sending email harm provocations, racial or spam emails are sent over and over - again in large numbers. If MENYOHOST Users services concerned assessed by deliberately doing like sending email spam emails over and over - again (emaill bomb) or send e-mail fraud, we reserve the right to disable the service to make a claim for compensation to the user in question if necessary.
  • Users are strictly forbidden to use the services MENYOHOST for various activities related to spam and hack in any form that could harm others. MENYOHOST also entitled to take other actions such as closing the account to another action according to the law in force in Indonesia.

Terms Of Use Resource or Resource for Shared Hosting

  • We do not allow users to use shared hosting services to run the game that could incriminate server
  • Standard CPU usage for our shared hosting services is 25% of 1core CPU and 512MB of RAM each he admits. This may be different if there are specific provisions on every package offered. What we put on this page is a standard benchmark allowable resource usage for our shared hosting services that do not have special conditions of use.
  • Users are strictly forbidden to use the script as proxy script, Anonymizer, Script IRC, Telnet script and other scripts which can mengguganggu either the server or another user, and other like-DDoS.


  • The above provisions are standard provisions.
  • If a package has special provisions that will be included on each page of the service sales.
  • Special provisions in the services intended to cancel provisions related standards, which have been mentioned above. For example: If the standard terms of CPU usage is 25%, then it may be canceled or changed if special provisions hosting packages we mention the use of which is permitted is 50% or 100%. By itself precisely, a special provision was taken over the regulatory standards of the CPU utilization to 50% or 100% CPU load.

Special policies Unlimited Hosting

Packages that are classified as unlimited hosting like microblog package, startup plan, pro plan and package unlimited space and Unlimited Bandwidth other.

Regulation of the Use of Shared Hosting Unlimited Hosting Package:

  1. Forbidden to use it as spamming, hacking, or any form of fraud in any form.
  2. Prohibited from storing image files, video, audio, log, etc that are unrelated or unused to operate the website in their account .
  3. Prohibited use file sharing websites such as shared files mp3, 3gp, flv, zip, video, audio, and other files except the files in the shared hosting is not in our, or using our hosting allowed.
  4. Not permitted to save the backup file in the user's account, except that the hosting website itself.
  5. Backup files of your website are stored should not dominate your own account. Please do backups as needed.
  6. Doing abuse resource.
  7. Users may run a variety of scripts including STT2, robots, and other AGC.
  8. Prohibited from running the script nulled, pirated, or another script where you do not have permission to use from the relevant authorities.

User Policy Dedicated Hosting

User is the user dedicated hosting Dedicated package 1, a dedicated 2, dedicated 3, as well as other packages that have a resource that is guaranteed.

Rule Dedicated Hosting:

  1. Users are prohibited from using dedicated hosting to store / illegal activities, both in Indonesian law and a data center is located.
  2. Prohibited from engaging in any form of activity hacking, cracking, pishing fraud, copyright infringement, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  3. Prohibited conduct intentionally or unintentionally spamming in any form.
  4. Each user Dedicated Hosting guaranteed resource according to the package selected.

Please contact us if you feel there are rules that have been violated to discuss the right solution and avoid disputes or misunderstandings.

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